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Terms & Conditions

This document is generated electronically as per the terms of Information Technology Act-2000. The embedded rules are applicable as per the amended provisions. As this document is generated electronically by a computer system, it doesn’t require any physical or digital signatures.

www.jeansworld.co.in is the domain name owned by Jeans World- a company incorporated under the Companies Act-1956.

Your access to the website, services and tools are administered by the following terms and conditions as is applicable for the website. The users accessing the website are subjected to the policies. Using the website, the users are liable to contract with the terms and conditions as specified. This constitutes the policies of usage.

In this document, wherever the context ‘You’ or ‘User’ is used it refers to any individual who has agreed to our specified policies, terms and conditions. Providing registration data on the website while using the website you are liable to accept our terms and policies. The used contexts like ‘We,’ ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ refers to Jeans World.

We herein request and recommend our esteemed customers to get-in-through the entire document before using the website or making any purchases. If any of our specified conditions are not acceptable for you, then we request not to choose our website. The terms and conditions as specified in this document are applicable to our registered members as well as the users who don’t transact on our website.

We reserve the right to change the terms and policies or end our services or any of our sections without specifying any reason or without any prior notice to you or any other third party. For remaining updated, you need to go through the document every time you access our website.

  1. Pricing

The goods displayed on our website include the rental prices. We give high effort to maintain and provide error proof data but in few instances (which are rare) the displayed data may be inaccurate for system errors. We do have the rights to edit the errors. We don’t entertain to display inaccurate data or prices. The prices of the products displayed on the website are fixed and are not negotiable. If any queries regarding any inconvenience, feel free to call us!

  1. Trademarks

The trademarks, logos, and names displayed on the website are registered trademarks of Jeans World and the third party vendors. Any trademark can’t be used without concerned approval from the trademark owners.

  1. Information

We strive to ensure that the information displayed on the catalogue or the product page is accurate. We maintain consistency to provide every smallest detail of the product so the size of the product may vary in size from the product image displayed on the site. As the desktops or monitors you use are set with different configurations, the colour and size of the product may vary from the original.

  1. Usage of Site

We grant our users the liability to access and use our site. The users are allowed to copy, print a hard copy of few portions of the site materials which can be used personally, for non-commercial purpose and for learning the information.

Accessing Our Website You Warrant Us That

  • You are above 18years and are liable to use our website and our services.
  • You would not violate any of the rules as per laws.
  • You are legally entitled to use our website and make use of the provided information.
  • You have submitted your personal information accurately and also agree to maintain the accuracy of the provided information.
  • You are using our website personally and not for any commercial activities.
  • Using any of the provided information or our website other than personal purpose is prohibited.
  1. Liability Disclaimer

Jeans World is not responsible for any liability, losses or damages. Neither the third party nor Jeans World would be liable for any losses or damages nor liabilities towards you which would be faced with any delays, inaccurate data or any errors no matter whatever be the source of such inconvenience. We also are not responsible for any damages, losses or liabilities that have risen due to the decline of transaction.

  1. Governing Law and Arbitration

Site usage is governed in accordance with the Indian Laws. If any dispute arises, then representatives from either side would approach for settling the dispute by negotiation. If the representatives are unable to settle down the dispute with negotiation, then the dispute shall be forwarded to arbitration as per the laws and processing of jurisdiction. The users are herein liable to agree on the conditions of submitting the documents or any material as demanded by the jurisdiction.

  1. Severability

The clauses, sub-clauses, provisions and each of the paragraphs are varied from each other. If any part of the content in the document is invalid, then it would not affect other parts of the contents as per the severability clauses. Some of the provisions mentioned in the contract at essential for the purpose of contracts. The severability clauses will not be applicable if it is responsible for changing the fundamental nature of the contract. The alternation of such action is the contract would be held void or ineffective. It shall never be held as valid in terms of use, paragraph, provision, clauses and sub-clauses as these are not in contrary with the provisions of law.

  1. Third Party Content on Jeans World Site

Links of Jeans World can be found on other websites. Likewise, third party contents are featured on Jeans World site which would attract the customers to use the site if they are anyhow interested in it. We are not anyways responsible in endorsing the third party contents. We don’t guarantee on the accurateness of the information of the third party sites displayed on our site. We don’t either monitor the third party websites for finding the authentication. The risk of accessing the third party sites is entirely yours.

I have read the entire terms and conditions specified in this document and give my acceptance to all the provisions as mentioned above.